Spend less to…Boat more! Throwback Pricing at VMG Norfolk!

Remember how affordable things were in 2004? When that dollar could go a little farther?

Milk was $2.90 a gallon. Gas was $2.01 a gallon. Movie tickets were $8 each…

Well, to help that dollar go farther, VMG is going retro with slip fees! In the month of April!

“We know customers are pinched right now, and we want to help ease the pain,” says Brian Baker, Regional Manager of Vinings Marina Group. “Boating is a great way to relax. The easier it is for people to go out, the happier they will be! And our amazing views don’t hurt!

 To get people back out on the water, Brian and the VMG are offering lower prices on new customer leases in the month of April. The special rates are the same at Little Creek, Bay Point, and Vinings Landing Marina!

Wet Slip Rental – up to 25% savings           

Boats 30’ and under: $6.75/ft per month          

Dry Storage Rental – 10% in savings

Boats 25’ and under: $1 off per foot

As if that wasn’t great news enough, Brian continued. “We didn’t want to just lower prices on our slips. We wanted to make sure people got their boat moving, too, so we lowered our prices on gas, too!”

Lower slip fees. Lower gas prices. That’s one ‘throwback’ trend I can get behind! So if you’re looking for a beautiful place to let your boat call home, I think you’ve found it…


To learn more about VMG marinas and the April specials, please contact

Michaela D’Angelo, Vinings Marine Front Manager
8166 Shore Dr in Norfolk
Office: (757) 587-8000

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