Mooring securely

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Midori Lantern


Swing Mooring, Pile Mooring or Marina Berth?

Suitable for boat up to 40′ (12m) or thereabouts but could be used for boat up to 60′ (18m)
The weight is proportional to the size of the boat
Mooring is inspected every three years or more often depending on the council regulations
Mooring Inspection Certificate required
Locate a mooring thinking about the tidal range, spring tide, winds, bottom conditions, low tide conditions, Does it dry out?
A new mooring can be laid or an existing mooring can be bought/rented
Mostly Council Owned but there are some privately owned swing mooring

COSTS: prices will vary depending on location and date (40’/12m boat example)
Access of Use (Buy): NZ$1600-$2000 for a new mooring
Annual Fee: NZ$202.40 (council owned)
Transfer of Ownership: NZ$50 (if buying an existing mooring)
Mooring Inspection: NZ$200+
Rent: NZ$70-100/month

Easy to moor/launch


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