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How Sailboat Racing Looks to Non-Racing Spectators

An Irishman narrates the 2012 Olympic sailing and, I have to say, if a non-racer were watching, this would probably be spot-on to the commentary in his/her head!

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Lemon & Garlic Tilapia

Originally posted on Pink Sneakers :
I love seafood. I always feel super light & fit after I eat a flaky piece of fish. Tilapia was on sale this week so that made it even better! This is another one of…

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Nautical Linguististics

Well, this list of nautical terms doesn’t cover the concept of going “down below” versus “downstairs,” but it does help figure quite a bit of those weird nautical terms. Enjoy!

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Though not believed by all, and not consistent across all fisheries or regions, many fishermen believe in or follow some of these superstitions:

Click here if you want to know where fishing superstitions got there start! If you just want to read, ponder, laugh and snort, please continue! ·         A cloudy day is a good time for fishing.  ·         A dog seen near … Continue reading

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Heaving To

Originally posted on Midori Lantern:
In Sailing, heaving to (to heave to and to be hove to) is a way of slowing a sail boat’s forward progress, as well as fixing the helm and sail positions so that the boat…

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The Survival Float

Originally posted on Midori Lantern:
If you happen to find yourself in the water without a flotation device/life jacket then the best way of floating while in rough, open water is the survival float or the face down float. This…

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“Ode to the Credit Card Captain”

So you may want to watch out for these guys while in the islands. Thank goodness we sailors are such good neighbors. <a Granted, being a good neighbor doesn't mean we won't film you being not-so-smart and put it on … Continue reading

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