Top 15 Sailing Definitions

Angry Sea
  1. Boat: Commonly used acronym for “Break Out Another Thousand”
  2. Boat owner: One who stands fully-clothed under a cold shower, tearing up $100 bills
  3. Boom: (1) Named for sound that’s made, when hitting the heads of crew, while tacking; (2) For slow crew, it is call “Boom Boom”
  4. Bow: Best part of the ship to ram another with; (2) What you do after performing an outstanding docking maneuver
  5. Chart: Type of nautical map that tells you exactly where you are aground or what you just hit
  6. Companionway: (1) Double berth; (2) A hole to fall into
  7. Crew: Stationary objects onboard that take up valuable space, anchor cushions and dampen sudden movements of the boom
  8. Current: Tidal flow that carries a boat away from its desired destination, or towards a hazard
  9. Give Way Vessel: The boat that, in a collision situation, did not have the right of way
  10. Halyard: Something that only breaks or jams when you’re winning
  11. Sailing: The art of getting wet and becoming ill, while going nowhere slowly at great expense (equivalent to standing in a cold shower, fully clothed, vomiting while tearing up $100 bills, while your friends watch you)
  12. Sonic Boom: Fast jibe
  13. Spinnaker: An extremely large, lightweight, balloon-shaped piece of sailcloth frequently trailed in the water off the bow in a big bundle to slow the boat down
  14. Tack: A maneuver the skipper uses when telling the crew that they screwed up, without getting them mad
  15. Yacht: (1) Commonly used to describe any boat prior to its purchase; (2) Used by boat owners to describe their vessel to persons who have never seen it and are likely never to do so
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